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        When I clocked 20, I single handedly learnt a great lesson; love is not blind. Humans allow themselves to be blinded by an emotion they refer to as love. And in my musings, I know also that we have tagged love what it’s not. Sound familiar yet?  Love isn’t just an... Continue Reading →


bush meat

      They come With promises To make Every road Shinning with tar With food For our conscience And crispy bills To test man's patience They come With guns And blades And their Crude smiles Casting a wicked shadow On our pride Our light The youth Whose lives Are snatched away in their prime... Continue Reading →

much ado

    The connection between our hands and mind is another reason why God is awesome. A writer doesn’t need a laptop always, your mind is made up of several sheets and ink. Somehow, both meet half-way. 2019 started on a rather low note for me. The buzz and glitz of the festivities were still... Continue Reading →


We're all selfish aren't we We let minutes roll into hours Hours into days Days into months Fair is fair we say Everybody is busy on a daily Communication ties are harshly severed It's the hustle, some claim Others over-do, In a bid to show they have a fix on their lives But when Lives... Continue Reading →

Isaiah 49;10

They will neither hunger nor thirst, This golden verse rang and rang in my aching head. The war in my rumbling stomach a sore reminder that hunger was what I felt, not the need to defecate what wasn’t there. Rain puddle from the previous week still graced the tiny path I dragged my suddenly heavy... Continue Reading →

Diary of a wounded lover; 5

After my eyes did a rather good job of disgracing themselves hence eliciting a strange reaction, I shyly reverted them without betraying any unnecessary emotion with the same. “So, can we exchange contacts?” “No.” “Okay, you can have mine, maybe call me some time”. “Oh, never you mind, I won’t”. “But, how are we supposed... Continue Reading →

How I spent my Thursday

It’s a beautiful day and I’m up with what seems to be the hangover of yesterday’s outing. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink neither do I smoke. And yeah, I don’t do drugs. Dance is my high and recently, road trips and unplanned outings are topping the chart. I haven’t had quality dance... Continue Reading →


When the war started on the 4th day of July Dark robbed day of her pride; leaving no suspects The sun rose up from her bed As the moon relayed evil that filled the hearts of Men The unsuspecting civilians Caught up in the crossfire of a misguided cause Paid the ultimate price of death... Continue Reading →


Fate isn't fair, Sometimes, Life reveals in ways, We cannot begin to comprehend, As fleeting as a day old babe, Lost to the cold hands of death , As long as the invisiblity cloak, That plays and cheat death at its own game, You think you're alone, Because I smile, And cover up the creasing... Continue Reading →

Diary of wounded lover : Part 4

My line was often simple "I don't want to be friends". That statement was probably my favorite. Spoken more times than I had even spoken my name out loud. But when tables turned, I realized those 6 words cut deeper than any 2-edged sword. It was as piercing as…

Road to Asylum…?

We are a product of our decisions regardless of how good or bad they may seem. This is definitely not intended at painting anyone bad, however I hope it helps.

Diary of a wounded lover : Part 3

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How one conversation, one person can turn your life around, change your perspectives and have you clinging desperately to other ideas like it were your religion. Just the one and ...

Your Art

Your eyes are mirrors reflecting the World created within Your mind; a canvas outlining all you can be within and without Your hands bear brushes, making careful strokes that fashions the time to come Your vision is laid out - clear Dreams upon dreams - not compared Limits, borders are there to be broken Paint... Continue Reading →

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